Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homegrown Long Island Book's Next Chapter

You can't make this up.  

If anyone told me that as I was just about to hit the "Send" button for the final, Author's Edits, that I'd get a call that hold on. My editor said she was instructed that management would like to, needs, to add 10-12 more chefs.
We had completed all the edits, approved the photos and were good to go.  
Not so fast, as NBC must've said to Conan.

Of course I will do it.  Gladly. Joyfully.  I relish the opportunity to meet and get to know even more inspiring chefs from Long Island.  
More food experiences? Bring it on!

Maybe I will write a book about writing a book...
With the exception of those who have written a book, I know it's difficult for anyone to get beyond the romance of book writing.
However, it is indeed a business.  And I embrace and understand that element.

My only regret in moving the publishing/release date back six to seven months is that the chefs who worked so hard with me to provide their recipes and plant lists and fact check their profiles -- all while they manage their restaurants and culinary art and their relationships with their farmers and fishermen and artisanal food producers - and their customers -- will have to wait...
But as I wrote to them all to inform them of the new direction, "Publishing, like gardening, is a humbling endeavor."
Humble pie?!

To a chef, they were all supportive and understanding with most offering suggestions for the added chefs. That gracious, expert offer and my own research, yielded a most fabulous list of additional chefs.
As I told my editor, there were about five or six chefs from my original list that didn't make it into the final manuscript because of communications snafus or scheduling.
So I started with them.
Then expanded to new restaurant openings and chef assignments since the time we started the book.
So chef Joe Isidori and chef James Carpenter who may be Long Island master chefs are now in new locales with an energized, field to table menu.
Very exciting!

I have already conducted the interviews with the additional chefs and I am very impressed.
Each and every chef has an inspiring, intriguing story to tell.  Book readers will find their background and style sparks them to make their delicious, mouth-watering, unique recipes.

Who are the new field to table Long Island chefs for the book?

I could ask you to submit your suggestions... But I will tell you. But do feel free to make a suggestion or two.

Drumroll please!

In no particular order, here is the list of master farm to table chefs that will be featured in the Long Island Homegrown Cookbook:

1.Robby Beaver, The Frisky Oyster
2. Kevin Penner, 1770 House
3. Deborah Pittorino, Cuvee Bistro & Bar, Greenporter Hotel
4. Tom Schaudel, Coolfish, A Mano
5. Eric Lomando, Kitchen A Bistro
6. James Tchinnis, Swallow
7. Guy Reuge, Mirabelle
8. Rosa Ross, Scrimshaw
9. Joe Isidori, Southfork Kitchen
10.Gretchen Menser, Fresno
11. James Carpenter, Maidstone 

1.Robby Bea

Maybe Michael Mandleur, Jamesport Manor Inn or Christian Mir, Stone Creek or Elmer Rubio, Chachama Grill as the last chef candidate...

What do you think?

I am very, very excited to work with this outstanding, brilliant roster of chefs.
Clearly, the book will benefit from their inspired culinary craft.
Some already have cookbooks and restaurant books.

For example, Chef Rosa Ross has two books under her toque:
New Wok Cookbook
365 Ways to Cook Chinese

Chef Tom Schaudel has one:

I will post some teasers and news about the interviews. On deadline now!  


  1. I've just been reading about your project and I'm so excited for you and the upcoming book! If you have an email list for notification of the release I'd love to join it.

    Cheers and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thank you so very much, Savory Tv! It is indeed a most exciting book and I am honored and privileged to be able to tell this story. The culinary artists who are leaders in the "Field and Fin to Table" effort are so inspiring. I love the sweet spot of food, creativity, sustainability, and delicious, sublime awesome taste... Once I get past this latest deadline, I will blog more about the fascinating work to produce the book and the chef's profiles and recipes. My publisher and I will be putting together the email list for the release. You're a peach! I look forward to following you and your great work too :)