Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect Holiday & Hostess Gift under $30 for Food & Garden Lovers Dreaming of Homegrown Recipes

Nick & Toni's Chef, Joe Realmuto with his inspired farmer, Scott Chaskey

The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook has "many a fascinating story told in this book and I suggest that you go right ahead and buy a copy for every foodie on your gift list. Locals will love it. As will native Long Islanders who now live “away.” People who visit our shores will also “eat it up," according to reviewer Stacy Dermont, Dan's Papers. She added: The Hamptons Homegrown Cookbook is sure to be the go-to gift of the season. No doubt it will appear beneath Christmas trees and Chanukah bushes." 

OK, it’s 12/12/12 – a truly lucky day signaling enjoyment, creative expression, rejuvenation.

There are Twelve Days till Christmas and Kwanza! And Hanukkah is almost a sweet, culinary memory.

Capture the lucky-day aura and discover the joy and creativity in The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook. 
It is the quintessential, enduring gift for everyone who lives a food and garden lifestyle because it is filled with nearly 30 curated food stories, delicious recipes and sumptuous photos.

You create a lasting memory every time the Food Book is opened. 

The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook captures the authentic, homegrown ingredients that are the hallmarks of the Island’s food culture -- captivating all who celebrate the continued, passionate interest in food, cooking, and artisanal ingredients, as well as a burgeoning interest in cultivating a Hampton’s lifestyle.

Pair the book with some local, artisanal ingredients from the book’s food artisans and the gift package is nothing short of a Holiday Miracle!

Featured chef, Keith Luce, for example, sells packaged flavored local sea salts in the The Jedediah Hawkins Inn The flavors include lemon ginger, duck wing and sun-dried tomato and balsamic vinegar, as well as plain salts.  
Chef Keith Luce in his kitchen garden - that he designed & nurtures

Jedediah Hawkins Victorian Inn

Anna Pump serving up her Homegrown food at Loaves & Fishes
Anna Pump, Loaves & Fishes. Photo: Lindsay Morris
Anna Pump's Cooking School at her charming Bridgehampton Inn. Photo Jennifer Calais Smith 
Anna & me/Author at Cooking demo & book signing
Or choose from a cooking class or world-class cooking utensils and tools found in the cornucopia of Chef Anna Pump’s Loaves & Fishes  

Or select from “the stylish, stemless Danish glasses – and most items found sopratavolo (on your table) at Chef Kevin Penner’s 1770 House and Cittanuova.

Create a Culinary Passport!
Include a gift certificate for any one of the featured restaurants – or for all the Homegrown restaurants – many have lodging too, including The North Fork Table & Inn, The American Hotel, Sag Harbor, The Maidstone & The Living Room and the Cuvee Bistro & Bar, GreenporterHotel

Foody's Chef Bryan Futerman & Hayground 's Jon Snow
Or enjoy the fun, open-mic nights at Foody's in Water Mill, dining on homegrown pizza made with local honey, tomatoes, and grilled in a cherrywood-infused oven!  

At Foody's for Homegrown photo shoot: me/author & Chef Bryan

The good-food stories of the area’s best chefs and the artisanal growers who inspire them will resonate for years to come.
And so will the homegrown recipes.
“Get the best ingredients and do as little as possible to them” is a tip from many of the Hamptons & Long Island chefs featured in the book.

The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook takes the reader on a private, intimate tour of outstanding chefs of the Long Island area and their gardens.
Each profile reflects the chef's personal style, cultural background, desire for healthy, just-picked ingredients, and gardening philosophy.

The Cookbook offers a unique opportunity to showcase the natural beauty, distinctive, inspired cuisine, food stories and recipes as told in the rare collection of chef and grower profiles celebrated in The Hamptons & Long Island Cookbook.
To order the book The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook at Amazon, B&N & local Independent Book Stores:

The book is available as Nook Book (eBook)

At the same time, contact the me/author via Facebook to secure an autographed copy!

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