Monday, December 23, 2013

Sweet’tauk your way to a Homegrown Christmas!

Montauk's Sweet'tauk Holiday Market 
The East End’s Sweet’tauk Holiday Market Fair celebrates its second year of locally-sourced “Handmade for the Holidays” gifts; featuring “The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook” for all your foodie friends and family.

In addition to my Hamptons & Homegrown Cookbooks that I autographed especially for Sweet’tauk customers – there is a tempting list of homegrown artisans to choose from, including the Amagansett Sea Salt Company, Bonac Bees, East End Fish Prints, Jane’s Garden Pickles, Montauk Brewing Company, Montauk Community Garden, and Joe & Liza’s Ice Cream.

Sweet’talk Holiday Market:

I was introduced to Deb from Sweet’taulk by my foodie friend, Laura, who writes Out East Foodie.
Laura is a homegrown soul-mate and a food connoisseur of all that is local, edible Long Island.

This is one, sweet Holiday food network! 
Thank you, Laura and Deb.  I very much appreciate your East End support for our chefs and the growers and artisanal food makers who inspire them.  And for my Homegrown Cookbook. 

Be sure to check out Laura's Top Ten Gift ideas, too. 

The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook celebrates the distinctive cuisine of Long Island and the Hamptons.
Brimming with food stories from the region’s best locavore food chefs and the growers who inspire their homegrown menus, more than 100 tempting recipes, and stunning photographs of the iconic dishes, authentic & sustainable ingredients, and the majestic land and seascapes that are the romantic hallmarks of the area’s food culture.
Featuring profiles on Long Island’s best pasture-to-plate and fin-to-fork chefs who, with their dedication to connecting to the land, to using locally grown or just-caught & seasonal food, produce menus that boast delicious homegrown flavors.
The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown restaurants include:
18 Bay, 1770 House, Almond, Amarelle Restaurant, The American Hotel, CoolFish, Cuvee Bistro & Bar, The Frisky Oyster, Grey Horse Tavern, Jedediah Hawkins Inn, Kitchen A Bistro, Kitchen A Trattoria, The Lake House, The Living Room, Loaves & Fishes, Mitch & Toni's American Bistro. Nick & Toni's, North Fork Table & Inn, Mirabelle Restaurant, Satur Farms, Scrimshaw, Starr Boggs, Swallow, Vine Street Café

It’s been written: As the movement to eat what is grown locally gains momentum, there is an increasing awareness of how best to incorporate this philosophy into our everyday lives. We can grow our own food and buy food grown locally at food cooperatives and markets, but what happens when we eat out?
There are a number of chefs around the country dedicated to using only the freshest, locally grown ingredients in all the dishes they prepare and serve.

This book takes the reader on a private tour of outstanding chefs of the Long Island area and their gardens. Each profile reflects the chef's personal style, cultural background, desire for healthy, just-picked ingredients, and gardening philosophy. Recipes, and color photos are included.

Happy Homegrown Holidays!

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